Through a process of research, investment of mechanical system, equipment and modern production chain according to European standards with a team of dedicated, enthusiasm, experienced staff recruited and trained by experts from the Republic of Austria, we are proud to introduce a high quality plastic door ARCHSPACE WINDOW with best quality, competitive price, perfect customer service and absolute trust.

ARCHSPACE WINDOW’s uPVC windows and doors are composed by EURO Profile bar, box-structured, installed steel reinforcement, accessories system with multi-point locking latches, 3D hinges which helpmultidimensionally open. All of these are imported and manufactured under the current highest European standards.

ARCHSPACE WINDOW Products are perfect combination between uPVC material and aesthetics, sound insulation, heat insulation, environmentally friendly, consistent with conditions of hot and humid tropical climate in Vietnam.

ARCHSPACE WINDOW’s plastic doors and windowsare widely applied on houses, high-grade office, hotels, schools, apartments ... and meet all requirements of clients’ quality and aesthetics.

ARCHSPACE WINDOW – Belief of all constructions!

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